Sunday, April 20, 2014


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  • Raven04 : Get well soon Elmo.
  • SD_Marsh : Elmo...hope you're back on your feet soon and can withstand extended sitting periods for some gaming fun. Get better soon
  • SD_Marsh : Fowl...still need to pick up the "premium" part. Hopefully next week when I get paid. Or sooner if there is a sale anywhere for it.
  • fowllanguage : server restarted
  • R8der : does the server need to be rebooted? nothing happens when you get in
  • fowllanguage : hey Elmo ,happy that your feeling better
  • elmorrizio : hi all, just back home from clinic, had a backsurgery passed. hope can play again soon because sitting is still difficult, see you all soon.
  • fowllanguage : marsh get in the game
  • fowllanguage : naval strike for all today
  • fowllanguage : thanks all
  • kegfor : Happy Birthday Fowl...
  • Raven04 : Happy Birthday Fowl!
  • WidowOfTheWe : Thanks everyone for my birthday wishes ! Shoot you tonight !
  • alabamamike : Happy Birthday, Ms. Web
  • kegfor : happy birthday!!
  • zmann99 : happy birthday
  • Trackingbear : Today is Widow of the Web's Birthday. Happy Birthday Widow.
  • fowllanguage : TGIF
  • Trackingbear : NVIDIA has an update today.
  • SD_Marsh : If anybody happens to see the BF4 premium on sale anywhere, could you please post it here ? Thanks
  • SD_Marsh : Neal...have you tried manually updating your Punkbuster ?
  • nealtfr : Hi kick off message from PB reads: "0 communication" frm PNKBST exe. ??? No doubth best site and gents around rnjoyed playing and donating.
  • nealtfr : PB has me blocked from playing
  • nealtfr : Hi guys just a punk trying to play yo get out of this funk!
  • Raven04 : Thanks for the donations gentlemen!

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