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Thursday, March 26, 2015


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Latest Message: 1 month ago
  • fowllanguage : RIP Lumpok
  • obxmilitia : will miss u lumpok rip buddy
  • Raven04 : RIP Lumpy.
  • Raven04 : LMAO!
  • Crazykilla : Ha! - «link»
  • Trackingbear : Ok, final update: EA called me and we found that my games had somehow became hidden. case solved. Life in the gaming lane. Cheers all! :
  • Trackingbear : Can't launch any other games other than Battlefield. They don't even show up. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?
  • Trackingbear : OK, update: I can get in battle field in browser but origin desk top launch is down. Signed into origin help and had a fresh install for the desktop installed. Still same problem.
  • Trackingbear : Logged into origin this morning and guess what, All battlefield games are gone. Logged out and back in, and tried restore games. No luck. Any suggestions? Is this an origin thing today? Anyone else have this problem?
  • Crazykilla : I restarted the service. There is only people in there like once a week for me to test tho.
  • fowllanguage : i was in today with elmo
  • fowllanguage : chat log not working
  • Crazykilla : Working fine for me...
  • fowllanguage : echelon needs to be restarted in cod5...tks
  • kegfor : Ready for the next great GAME!!!
  • Crazykilla : Server updates are happening NOW. All will be well within 10 mins
  • Faslane : Hi all! Hope everyone is well...been awhile. Got sick of gamin for a bit but just built a new system too...see ya in there ;-) Be gentle.
  • Raven04 : A few play COD5, most play Battlefield 4.
  • MrPwned : ?
  • MrPwned : ?Does no one play anymore
  • MrPwned : I used to play forEVER ago, back when Modern Warfare was always full. I think that was back in '09.
  • MrPwned : None of you probably remember me, but I remember a few of you
  • Crazykilla : Off hours work at jobs 1 and 2 went longer than expected this weekend. Server maintenance for job 3(SC Stuff) is postponed until next week.
  • Crazykilla : Mandatory scheduled downtime this weekend for server maintenance. All COD servers and Teamspeak will be down. Updates should take less than 2 hours. I'll try to run them during a slow period.
  • elmorrizio : happy 2015 to all

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