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Monday, November 24, 2014


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Latest Message: 1 week, 4 days ago
  • Trackingbear : Your welcome friend.
  • Raven04 : Thanks for the donations.
  • Trackingbear : Thank you for your service my Brothers in Arms. May you and your family be blessed.
  • obxmilitia : bf4 double xp today
  • Raven04 : BF4 Double XP Weekend!!!
  • Raven04 : BF4 server has been updated. Join us!
  • Crazykilla : Thanks all for the bday wishes!
  • zmann99 : Happy B-day crazy
  • Raven04 : Happy Birthday Crazy!
  • Raven04 : He's gone, thanks Fowl.
  • fowllanguage : spam
  • Raven04 : Thanks.
  • zmann99 : happy b-day Raven
  • METALEAGLE : HAPPY B-DAY Raven ! Hope you have a good one.
  • Crazykilla : Thanks Bear. The campaign doesn't matter, but i'll go ahead and make a new one so it doesn't hold anyone up in the future. Thanks for letting us know.
  • Trackingbear : Well n ow, got it to pay on the 4th time. Donation made. See ya later in the game.
  • Trackingbear : Unable to make donation today. Will not allow me to select campaign thus blocking donation. Please advise in game. Thanks Raven.
  • Raven04 : Thanks!
  • Raven04 : Donations are welcome.
  • Raven04 : Battlefield 4 is 70% off in Origin. No excuses!
  • Crazykilla : I'm ready, where are ya'll noobs?
  • Raven04 : BF4 Double XP!!!!
  • Raven04 : Battlefield 4 is free on origin for the next week.
  • Trackingbear : Hi all. sorry i have'nt been on. Leg is killing me and can't st long. Also had problems with my Logitech G930 heads sets. Appears that they don't like the windows 8.1. Logitech will be sending me the hard wired G35s. same headsets, only hardwired. Hope to be well enough to be gaming by the weekend. kinda miss getting killed by my friends. LOL
  • obxmilitia : thanks marsh .my chevy has been through three salt water floods to the side mirror and it works lol,i quess I got a good 1

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