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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


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  • 1luckyshot : thanks crazy thats a shame so what are yyou al playing now ? or is the SC clan gone now
  • Crazykilla : Hi Lucky, the Admin links are for clan admins to manage the bots that montior the servers, which is why you can't access them. The only server still available is the modern weapons mod, and it usually stays empty. There just aren't many COD 5 players left unfortunately. Hope this answers your question.
  • 1luckyshot : hi Crazy can you help on soul crusher web page servers are always showing empty for mme , when i click on admin links i get directed to somthing called echalon and need a key which i dont have can you help thanks
  • purple-haze : Lol
  • purple-haze : Hello,Crazy!okay okay,thank you YES LONG TIME,I come again..
  • Crazykilla : Purp! Long time no see man. how are you?
  • purple-haze : Hello everyone!
  • Crazykilla : Lucky - Main server back online. The others will need to stay down a while longer. That sucks Mike!
  • alabamamike : I took the hard drive out and was able to repair the data sector. The boot sector looks ok but it still will not boot. I may be down for a while.
  • alabamamike : Bad luck. Computer crash. Can't boot.
  • 1luckyshot : what about the other servers they all down to
  • 1luckyshot : thanks crazy thought maybe clan had called it a day cant waite to get back on
  • Crazykilla : Hey Lucky! No one has been kicked, we shut down our WAW servers temporarily due to increased malicious traffic. We should be able to bring them back up soon. Check back here for the servers on the right to show as Online then you'll be good to go.
  • 1luckyshot : Hi guys been a long time since i was on the site dont know if ive been kicked but would love to get back on your waw server but need to download all your mods can anyone help cheers
  • fowllanguage : letter
  • Crazykilla : Word
  • Raven04 : I played the beta and didnt like it. Black Ops 3 is pretty damn good.
  • obxmilitia : is arma 3 worth getting ? here you need a crew for it to be worth it
  • Raven04 : Yup, all is well.
  • kernal L. : Hey guys.... been a while.Hope all are doing good.
  • fowllanguage : k
  • Raven04 : SC COD5 Zombie server has been fixed thanks to Crazy!
  • Raven04 : It reset a lot of peoples loadouts. SC server was shut down due to lack of traffic.
  • SD_Marsh : After the latest update on BF4, it changed some of my settings for guns and vehicles as well as deleted a few favorites including SoulCrusher. The link to the right under server status link for BF4 does not work, and I have tried searching for SoulCrusher and [SC] on BF4. Is the SC clan still there ?
  • SD_Marsh : Really. I thought it was shut down as not too many were playing on it.I'll be on it

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