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  • fowllanguage : not showing in mine either
  • Raven04 : Shouldn't be.
  • SD_Marsh : What happened to the two BF4 servers ? They are both in my favorites, and not showing up. Servers down perhaps ?
  • fowllanguage : dragons teeth dlc is now live
  • SD_Marsh : Crap Obx, sorry to hear about the vehicles. Hope you had insurance. Best wishes getting everything back to normal.
  • Raven04 : BF4 2XP this weekend!
  • Raven04 : Damn bro!
  • obxmilitia : lost my vehicles but a lot of people had it way worse,looks like a bomb went off,thats what you get for living on a sandbar lol.not the brightest bunch!
  • Crazykilla : you alright man?
  • obxmilitia : hurricane 1 rodanthe 0
  • Raven04 : BF4 Premium 2XP Weekend!
  • Raven04 : Thanks for the donations!
  • SD_Marsh : Living in the airport Born ? Wasn't that a Tom Hanks movie ?
  • Born2Snipe : Greetings from Orlando International Airport I.T. Department. I feel like I live here lately
  • Crazykilla : ??? Are you drunk typing again, Fowl?
  • fowllanguage : Redline
  • fowllanguage : tgit
  • purple-haze : hey Fowl;YES GOD REST THEIR SOULS ...THANK YOU RESPECT...
  • fowllanguage : D-DAY ...GOD REST THEIR SOULS ...
  • fowllanguage : hey purple
  • purple-haze : Hello Fowll!
  • SD_Marsh : Thanks Crazy. Yep...usually playing on another server as nobody is on the SC ones. Just trying to rank up to get better guns.
  • Crazykilla : It's hit or miss, Marsh. There's only a handful of you guys on the west coast that play regularly. Most of the time, us east coast, central guys would be on between 7-10pm our time, 5-8pm pacific. I've seen you on several times when we are, but you are usually playin somewhere else. I'll shoot you an invite next time we all get going.
  • SD_Marsh : On another note, That that I've got the "premium" version of BF4, no one is ever on our two BF4 servers when I'm online, usually in the 4pm-7pm pacific time, M_F and varies on weekends. Everyone, please post when you're normally on BF4 so us clan members and friends can play. Thanks.
  • SD_Marsh : Thanks Raven. Personally I already have it, though not played it in some time

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