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Monday, May 21, 2018


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  • Raven04 : What's up Fowl.
  • fowllanguage : hey y`all hope all is well
  • Raven04 : All COD WW2 servers are run by Activision.
  • headcase : Are you gonna do anything with COD WWII?
  • Raven04 : Hey Purp.
  • purple-haze : Hello,Everyone.
  • Raven04 : COD WW2 Beta is live.
  • Raven04 : «link»
  • Raven04 : «link»
  • Raven04 : Thanks for all the donations!
  • Raven04 : «link»
  • Raven04 : Huge BF1 update, new maps & weapons. Good stuff.
  • Armanoid : It is with regret that I change teams. I've been thinking about it for some time already because I play with none of you. Schedules and the fact that few of you play are the causes of my departure. I hope that we will remain friends and connected and that there will be no grudge between us. You are all very friendly and I liked very much to spend these times of games with you Thank you for everything and I hope to see you soon in the different games and who knows one day in real ...
  • Raven04 : Hey Purple
  • purple-haze : Hello everyone!
  • purple-haze : impressive!
  • Raven04 : COD WWII reveal
  • Raven04 : «link»
  • purple-haze : Hello RAVEN,THANK YOU!
  • Raven04 : Hey Purple.
  • purple-haze : Hello everyone!
  • Raven04 : All 3 COD5 servers are back up and running.
  • purple-haze : Thank you for good wishes!soon on a map...
  • Armanoid : Bonne année à toi aussi. Pour jouer c'est quand tu veux , je suis sur BF1 en ce moment, BF4 aussi et les différents COD..à bientôt
  • purple-haze : Thank you!Happy new year to Everyone Armanoid jouer avec et contre toi me manque....LOL

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