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Saturday, May 27, 2017


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  • purple-haze : Hello RAVEN,THANK YOU!
  • Raven04 : Hey Purple.
  • purple-haze : Hello everyone!
  • Raven04 : All 3 COD5 servers are back up and running.
  • purple-haze : Thank you for good wishes!soon on a map...
  • Armanoid : Bonne année à toi aussi. Pour jouer c'est quand tu veux , je suis sur BF1 en ce moment, BF4 aussi et les différents COD..à bientôt
  • purple-haze : Thank you!Happy new year to Everyone Armanoid jouer avec et contre toi me manque....LOL
  • Crazykilla : Hello Purple! Merry Christmas to you too, old friend.
  • Armanoid : Bonjour Purple.Joyeux Noël à toi aussi.
  • purple-haze : Hello!Merry Christmas to everyone
  • Raven04 : Ok Arm.
  • Armanoid : hello i need permission for ts
  • Raven04 : What's the issue??
  • obxmilitia : no man and driving me nuts gotta wait till Monday now to talk to somebody they did give me a 15% coupon on the game tho if I get it fiqured out
  • Raven04 : You figure it out?
  • obxmilitia : I know I cant spell lol
  • obxmilitia : trying to download bf1 but they wont accept my cc number? been on the phone and on line with them just cant get it fiqured out so frusterating!!!
  • obxmilitia : sry to here this
  • Raven04 : Damn...
  • Armanoid : difficult to understand all the conversation but not sure he still alive.
  • Armanoid : He rest in peace now.the hospital stop the machine, he has no brain activity.
  • Raven04 : Is he OK?
  • Crazykilla : that's horrible. Is he going to be okay Arm?
  • Armanoid : someone remember Bugonuranus in game? His name is Steve Greene. He has a very bad surf's accident...
  • Raven04 : Thanks!

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